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Distribution Systems
We offer multiple B2B and B2C booking engines utilizing the latest advances in travel search technology.  Our platforms are not only scalable but highly customizable allowing our clients to leverage their own brands.

Content Access and Management
Alliance Travel is a leader in unique (wholesale) content aggregation. We obtain, distribute and manage this content through a single point of sale.  Our clients benefit from our contracted below market rates resulting in higher sales and extended customer loyalty.


End-to-End Support and Fulfillment

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Automated e-ticketing fulfillment
We can reduce labor intensive booking processing costs up to 75% by using advanced automation to handle quality control and file finishing tasks.  This is an ideal solution for third party booking engine providers who want to outsource their client’s fulfillment needs.

Accounting & Reconciliation
We assist travel agencies across a variety of back-office functions, including sales and refunds accounting, commission determination and collection management, over-dues, reconciliation and general ledger accounts.

  • Sales:  Alliance Travel provides travel agency clients with sales reports and identifies under-collections, over-reporting and unaccounted ticket sales. Alliance Travel also offers sales-reconciliation services to these clients.

  • Refunds:  Alliance Travel processes requests for refunds against partly or fully unutilized tickets across a variety of requests including e-tickets, PTAs (Prepaid Ticket Advice), TODs (Ticket On Departure), Deals, and Marine and Group fares. Refunds across both cash and credit purchases are managed by Alliance Travel. Customer contact is managed through passenger communication on the status of the refund requests.

  • Fares: Alliance Travel constructs and quotes accurate and competitive fares to travel companies assisting them in offering the best fare to the traveler.  Alliance Travel manages fares across airline, car, hotel and cruise reservations.

Additional Finance and Accounting Processes
Alliance Travel manages calculation of additional collections and refunds arising due to the reissue of tickets. Alliance Travel processes reissues involving recalculation of fares. Alliance Travel manages the calculation of loyalty points accumulated and used by loyalty program members.

Web Services
Leverage our resources and know-how to monetize your site traffic. Our three programs allow you to partner with us to utilize technology, customer service, user interface, and even our unique content.

If you require a professionally managed website for our booking engine, look no further Alliance Travel can help.  This service not only gives you a professional website to promote your business, it also gives your clients the ability to research and book travel at any time.

Whether you're just getting started on the Internet or looking to improve your online presence, we have the perfect solution for your website.  

Pick the partner program that’s tailored to meet your unique business needs and start generating income today!

Whether your company is a large online travel agency, a major tour operator, airline, e-retailer or third party distribution platform,  Alliance Travel can help you succeed by providing the right tools for you.  Our unique content and end-to-end services will greatly enhance your ability to succeed and profit in today’s e-commerce environment.


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